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Linkin Park 2012

The Linkin Park have great yeah , in 26 June Linkin Park launched the álbum ” LIVING THINGS ” It reached the top spot in the charts. After Linkin Park started a tour with Incubus on the honda Civic tour , it was the most profitable tour! It also Linkin Park were doing 5 shows in South America – ( Brazil – Argentina ) Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro two concerts – Porto Alegre . The Linkin Park were playing for the first time in South Africa for two shows, it took more than 60 000 fans at the shows. And Linkin Park win – BEST ROCK – MTV.

É se você quer acompanhar mais o Linkin Park , aqui está a pagina deles no Facebook https://www.facebook.com/linkinPark?fref=ts e o Twitter https://twitter.com/Linkinpark Os Linkin Park tiveram um grande ano em 2012, ganharam o BEST ROCK e também levaram o Rock Alternativo, é em 2013 tem mais.


Styles of Beyond f/ Celph Titled- Take That

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Vídeo from @Meginthedark ” Monster ”

This video is from the EP MEG MYERS, “DAUGHTER IN THE CHOIR” .

Tracklist :

1. Adelaid
2.After you
5.Monster(Semothy Jones Remix )
7.Tennessee(Feat Doctor Rosen Rosen )

Download for EP http://www.meginthedark.com/

Anna Shinoda

It’s autumn – at least my calendar tells me it is.  This week, the temperature has been in the eighties.  But last week’s chillier weather gave me hope that we are on our way to Southern California’s slight fall season change.  Very subtle.  Nights will get a little cooler followed by cooler days, just enough to tell the leaves it is time to change colors and drift down.  Time for the trees to prepare for their winter rest.  And it is time for my Halloween decorations to come out.

I love decorations, but there is a mountain of crappy, poorly painted plastic that will spend a year or two “decorating” someone’s house or front yard, then end up in a landfill.  Don’t get me wrong.  Plastic is so much a part of my everyday world I couldn’t imagine life completely with out it, yet it’s one of the biggest evils when…

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